10 Signs of Scam Removalists

July 27, 2022

Today, there are thousands of removalists in the market. This comes as a blessing because it simply means you will never luck a removalist when you need one. But when you flip the other side of the coin, having many removalists means that there are some who are in the market to provide genuine services to their clients, while there are those whose mission is to make wealth out of unsuspecting clients.

We have seen a generation of removalists who not only scam clients of their hard-earned money but also hold their belongings for ransom. We cannot escape from the fact that there are thousands of dodgy removalists out there, and this is why you need to be extra careful before hiring a removalist.

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To ensure you are making sound decisions, below are some ten signs that should warn you of scam removalists:

1. They offer a cheaper quote

It’s natural to go for the cheapest removalist on the market. But come to think of it – the removalist moving your furniture will only get a small percentage of the total price. The rest of the money will go into paying employees, taxes, insurance, rent, fuel, etc. Now, a removalist charges you $2 an hour. How do you expect them to do a good job? Well, if a removalist charges you peanuts, run! There are high chances he will be completely fine with dumping your belongings on the street or even holding them for ransom.

2. GST isn’t included in the quote

The price advertised on a website, according to Australian Law, should include GST. If the prices of the removalist you want to hire don’t include this, then know from the onset that you are dealing with quacks.

3. Their website contradicts itself

If you have found out that the pages on a removalist website are showing different information, this is a red flag that you are dealing with a quack. Sometimes, you may give such a company the benefit of the doubt and assume their website hasn’t been updated with new information, but often, such companies are not honest!

4. Show awards and certificates without links in them

In case a removalist website shows awards but doesn’t have any links to them, then you should know the moving company behind it is not honest. To find out if the mover actually got the award, simply Google the name of the award and the company name and it will show up the true results.

5. Don’t have a valid removalist public liability insurance

Cheap removalists are penny-pinching, and will not pay an extra dime for a cover that will assure you of compensation in case of a mishap. Most times, these companies get transit insurance which is cheaper and pass it to you as their public liability insurance policy.

6. Don’t have a current ABN

There are many movers out there who own old trucks and advertise themselves as the best movers in the market. They have no certifications, licenses, insurance, and are not members of any professional organizations. They don’t have any experience and are not trained for the job. They cannot be held accountable in case anything happens. In case you find a mover who doesn’t have an ABN that you can look up on the government ABN site, run!

7. Prefer getting paid in cash

Don’t hire removalists who will ask for cash! These movers are not responsible, and they will not be answerable if anything happens to your belongings in transit.

8. You found them on a removalists’ comparison site

Comparison websites are nothing but unreliable pieces of information. Most of them will ask you for your contact details and sell them cheaply to those who sign up. Of course, we are not talking about reputable review sites like WOMO. We are talking about websites that advertise businesses instead of reviewing them. These sites will not take responsibility for movers’ actions.

9. Cannot get a copy of essential paperwork before you book

Ask every moving company you come across to send you a copy of insurance policies and T & Cs before booking. Avoid working with those that can’t!

10. Their online reviews seem dishonest

Some removalists buy reviews instead of earning them. If the mover you are searching for only has good reviews or their bad reviews don’t ring true such as “They arrived 2 minutes late,” don’t sign an agreement with them!

If the company you have been researching has some or all these traits, don’t hire it. Do your due diligence and only work with the best company you can trust!



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