8 Top Best Penny Cryptocurrencies To invest In 2022

July 12, 2022

The most popular cryptocurrencies had humble beginnings as penny coins. For instance, Bitcoin only had a worth of $1 in the beginning of 2011, but it went on to increase by a staggering 6 million percent by the time it reached its present peak ten years later. The second-most valuable cryptocurrency, ETH, has experienced gains that are comparable to these, increasing in value by more than 1.6 million percent from its ICO price of $0.3 in 2015 to its most recent top of $4891 in late 2021.

8 Top best Penny Cryptocurrencies To invest In 2022
Antibioticfootprine : 8 Top best Penny Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2022

These incidents are not singular. Contrarily, there are numerous examples of penny cryptos that eventually explode, increasing their value and investor profiles at rates that are impossible to fathom.

Top 8 Penny Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2022

Here is a brief summary of the top penny cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022, according to our study.

  1. Polygon (MATIC): Overall Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2022

  2. Cardno (ADA): Best Established Large Cap Penny Cryptocurrency to Buy

  3. Ripple (XRP) :The Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Purchase at a Discounted Price

  4. Shiba Inu (SHIB): The Best Penny Crypto For Quick Value Gains

  5. Basic Attention Token (BAT): The Best Penny Crypto for Long-Term Investing

  6. Chiliz (CHZ):The best entertainment-focused penny cryptocurrency

  7. Tron (TRX): The best penny cryptocurrency that will soar in 2022

  8. Cronos (CRO): The best exchange-based penny cryptocurrency to buy

The Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Purchase at a Discounted Price is Ripple (XRP):

Many analysts dubbed Ripple the "ultimate Bitcoin killer" when it was launched in 2012. Everyone understood its significance for the crypto future. verse's Accordingly, XRP was added to all the widely used cryptocurrency exchanges, and investor interest in the altcoin increased as seen by the rise in the number of wallets holding it and the volume of trades.

However, Ripple focused its fire on the global SWIFT payment system before attacking Bitcoin. Early on this platform, it experienced significant success and even brought on board dozens of foreign banks and other financial institutions.

The alternative currency was performing admirably. Numerous market rises in 2021 may have allowed it to avoid being labelled a penny cryptocurrency, according to the majority of analysts. However, the SEC brought a lawsuit against Ripple Labs and the company's management, charging them with marketing illegal securities to US citizens. Prices for Ripple tokens fell as a result.

However, investor interest in the altcoin has persisted, and as a result, it has managed to remain one of the top 10 crypto assets. In a similar vein, there are now more wallets holding XRP coins and more businesses eager to support Ripple. This indicates that the SEC case is the only one keeping Ripple from blowing apart.

And the majority of analysts are convinced that Ripple has a chance of winning this case after a string of minor victories in court against the SEC. And a triumph like that would raise its value to previously unheard-of levels.

For instance, experts anticipate that XRP prices will have risen above $20 by the turn of the decade (higher if it wins the SEC case). This further demonstrates why the cryptocurrency is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies to purchase in 2022, with its present price being discounted by 6000 percent or more.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Best Penny Crypto For Fast Value Gains

Shiba Inu is one of the most widely used joke coins and the second most valuable meme currency. Due to the enormous returns, it guarantees its investors, it is included on our list of the best penny cryptocurrencies to purchase in 2022. For instance, SHIB increased by more than 5 million percent during the early 2021 crypto market rise, making countless investors wealthy.

We highlight it here because we believe that its prices will continue to rise, making its investors extremely wealthy. The reviving crypto market and the renewed enthusiasm surrounding meme currencies are a couple of the variables that we think will make this achievable. A token Launchpad and an NFT marketplace have also been launched by the Shiba Inu developers as part of their commitment to growing the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

They have also greatly raised the burn rate for SHIB tokens and worked with other online retailers who will accept SHIB payments. All of them are anticipated to spur a value increase for SHIB tokens, and by the next market rally, which may occur in 2025, we anticipate a 10000 percent increase in SHIB token value.

Chiliz (CHZ) – Best Entertainment-Focused Penny Crypto

The sports and entertainment network Chiliz is committed to promoting and helping traders from all backgrounds. This is accomplished via the exclusive Socios platform and its native CHZ token coin. Chiliz enables all teams in sports and entertainment to use the platform to design tokens that they can subsequently provide to their followers.

The owners of these tokens also acquire restricted governance powers over the club and are given the opportunity to influence choices like player uniform designs, the colour of the captain's armband, and other club decisions. On the Chiliz exchange, these tokens can be exchanged for other tokens or converted to CHZ, which can subsequently be exchanged for more widely used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As sports organizations in Europe and elsewhere develop platforms and provide their supporter's personalized tokens, the Chiliz network and Socios platform have so far experienced a resounding adoption. Juventus, AS Roma, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), FC Barcelona, e-sports organizations, the UFC, various Formula One teams, and more than 130 more teams and organizations are among them. Lionel Messi serves as the platform's newest brand ambassador.

As time goes on, we anticipate seeing more supporters of these teams and clubs swarm the Chiliz and Socios platforms, further demonstrating why CHZ is one of the top penny cryptocurrency investments available right now.

Tron (TRX) – Best Penny Cryptocurrency That Will Explode in 2022

One of Ethereum's most well-known rivals is Tron. Tron was developed by the well-known crypto crusader Justin Sun with the intention of resolving the numerous issues plaguing the biggest smart contract platform. Tron, in contrast to Ethereum killer, aimed to take a different tack with this. Instead of attempting to mimic the entire Ethereum ecosystem, it developed an own blockchain with an emphasis on entertainment.

Similar to Chiliz, Tron develops a platform that gives content producers back control over their trade. They are able to do away with middlemen who control the channels for distribution and revenue collection. They can use the decentralized network to directly share their work and content with their fans and followers while earning a commission in the form of personalized tokens.

In addition, it incorporates a number of cutting-edge crypto technologies into this decentralized network. NFTs, Web3, dApps, and DeFi are a few of these. As a result, it continues to get a warm reception from the community of people who create crowd-pleasing content, which is one of the reasons we think TRX is the best penny cryptocurrency to purchase right now.

The majority of this assistance has come in the form of endorsements from people like Justin Sun and well-known figures like Ne-Yo, Lil Yatchy, and Amanda Cerny. Some people, including Lindsay Lohan, have already launched NFT token sales on the Tron network. We also anticipate more celebrities launching content on the Tron blockchain in the future.

These are anticipated to aid accelerate value increases for the TRX tokens, combined with a reviving cryptocurrency market and rising blockchain use. For instance, optimists are certain that TRX will have increased by more than 5000 percent and crossed the $3 mark by the turn of the decade. It also explains why Tron is included in our list of the best penny cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022.

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