What Are the Most Requested Handyman Services?

July 17, 2022

A handyman can do many things around the house, but the most popular ones include painting, drywall installation, minor electrical repairs, and furniture assembly. If you have been searching for a professional handyman, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn more about these and other standard handyman services. If you're unsure where to begin, start by analyzing what people need to do most.



One of the most common handyman services is painting. This is a common home improvement task, and while professional painters are best for big-scale projects, handymen are more than capable of taking care of smaller tasks. From painting a door to painting a fence, a handyman's skills and experience make them the ideal choice for painting smaller areas. Handymen charge by the hour for their work, so homeowners can hire them for a set amount of time to complete a project and ask them to take care of any other small or big projects that need to be fixed.

Painting can make your home look new, whether you're redecorating your bedroom or sprucing up the exterior of your home. The interior and exterior of your home will benefit from a fresh coat of paint, and painting with a handyman's help will keep your budget in check. A handyman can also provide you with a quote based on the size of the room, the base color, and the amount of time the project will take.

Although painting is a classic DIY project, it can be difficult, messy, and expensive to do right. It's essential to use high-quality paint that won't peel off or crack. Using cheap paint can ruin the interior of your home. Use a high-quality branded color that is resistant to moisture.

Drywall installation

You've probably heard of drywall and ceiling repair, but did you know that drywall also needs special skills for installation and repair? Perhaps someone left the water running in a ceiling, and you now have a leaking roof. Maybe you're trying to add new ceiling fans or lights. Or perhaps you'd like to remove that old popcorn texture from the ceiling. Drywall is one of the most requested handyman services in California.

A handyman specializing in drywall installation is an excellent resource for many homeowners. Drywall is a popular material to upgrade the interior of a house, as it adds insulation and fire resistance to the walls. While some handymen specialize in drywall installation, many homeowners don't feel comfortable climbing a ladder or bracing themselves. Another handyman service is roof repair. You might want to hire someone to check your roof but aren't comfortable doing it yourself or trust your partner to do it safely.

While many contractors are available for drywall installation, you should avoid unreliable or incompetent contractors. More extensive repairs can leave a layer of dust on your home, so hiring a professional is vital. Ensure the contractor you hire provides protective covers and takes care of your property during the repair process. Also, be wary of price gouging contractors who try to rip you off. If you aren't sure about a contractor's reputation, try HomeAdvisor, which eliminates this guesswork. Customers rate the contractor's services and provide customer reviews and ratings.

Minor electrical repairs

Electricity and fixtures in your home can break down or wear out over time, and some prefer to hire a professional to replace them. Although many homeowners can tackle this task themselves, some prefer hiring someone with specialized training and experience. Some of these jobs don't require a license, but others do. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a handyman.

Furniture assembly

If you need help assembling your new pieces of furniture, you can turn to a handyman. It can be tricky and a big job. You can hire a big-name service or a local handyman. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you're hiring and the price they quote. Handyman apps such as TaskRabbit allow you to set your rates and types of tasks, and the reviews from other users make the process smoother.

You can find a freelance handyman on a site like TaskRabbit. This website matches consumers with freelance workers for daily chores. Ikea recently acquired TaskRabbit and started promoting its services.

Some furniture packages need to be assembled by two people. You can hire a handyman with his teammate to complete the task. Alternatively, a handyman can arrange housekeeping or maid services for you, so you don't have to worry about assembling your new pieces. These are some of the most common handyman services in the UK. So if you're unsure whether you can handle a piece of furniture on your own, give a handyman a call.


Appliances repair

You don't have to burn a hole in your wallet to get appliance repair services. Whether your appliance needs a simple oil change or an entire oven re-pivoted, a professional can perform the service for you. These professional companies can perform minor repairs like replacing filters or larger jobs like dishwasher and dryer repair. With their extensive experience and specialized equipment, these companies can guarantee that your appliances will work as well as they should.

A good repair company will offer references for customers. You should call these references and evaluate their services before hiring them. Authorities are also essential when hiring a handyman. Moreover, it's best to check out the price and quality of their work before choosing one. The cost of the repair will depend on the type of appliance. Gas appliances are more expensive to repair than electrical ones. It would help to consider whether the repair would cost more than the appliance’s value.


Fixture replacement

Despite the ease of replacing fixtures, some of these can wear out or break with everyday use. Whether a kitchen faucet needs replacing or a bathroom vanity needs a new institution, most house fixtures can be easily replaced with some DIY knowledge. While most fixture replacement jobs aren't very complicated, some can require a license, making it more difficult for the average do-it-yourselfer.

Other tasks a handyman can perform include replacing lightbulbs or light fixtures. They can also install smoke detectors and ceiling fans. Minor carpentry tasks may include building interior storage solutions, replacing doors and baseboards, or installing a ceiling fan. Depending on the scope of the job, your handyman may also be able to install a ceiling fan, pet door, or smoke detector.

A handyman may be hired to perform the most common service: replacing fixtures. Many property owners and managers opt to replace all fixtures during a building renovation. However, some may need faucet replacement or fixture repair, which is also a high-demand service in California. Older buildings may have copper plumbing, and occasionally a pipe can burst. These issues require the skills of a skilled handyman.

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